Plant Hacks

From plant-killer to plant-hero. We share with you our 'plant hacks' for healthy, happy house plants.

Flower Care

The Chopstick

It can be hard to tell if your plant needs watering. But with a simple chopstick you can save your plant from overwatering or going thirsty. Simply insert the chopstick deep into the soil. If the chopstick is clean when you remove it, this means the soil is dry and your plant needs watering. If the chopstick has soil sticking to it, put down the watering can! Your plant is already happy and hydrated.

The Ice Cube

This hack is perfect for those of us with busy lives, or those of us who just forget to water our plants. Place ice cubes on the surface of your plants soil, avoiding touching the leaves. As the ice cubes slowly melt, the soil will become hydrated over time. Leaving you with spare time and a happy plant!

The Pet Lover

Be aware - as wonderful as some plants look in our home, they can be toxic to our beloved pets. Be sure to keep pets safe and healthy by researching the type of plant before you purchase.

Flower Care
Flower Care

The Space Saver

For true plant lovers, nothing is more appealing than a room full of tropical greenery. Be sure to plan the right size pots and plants for your home. For example, larger or taller plants will need room to grow. Place larger plants in more open spaces, or on a raised surface to add height to your room. For smaller living spaces such as flats, try hanging planters to add impact whilst saving space.

The Forgiving Plant

If you’re prone to forgetfulness or often spend a long time away from home, a thirsty high-maintenance plant probably isn’t the one for you. Try less needy plants such as the snake plant, or choose from a variety of succulents. These plants require far less watering and can even go for weeks with no attention at all.

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Flower Care
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