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Become a Haute ambassador

Do you have a passion for luxury and a ponchent for social media? Our Haute social team want to work with you! We are looking for social media users, influencers and just outright flower enthusiasts from around the UK to join us in growing our brand.

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  • Get your own unique code, unlocking exclusive free gifts and offers
  • Be rewarded for high volumes of engagment with premium gifts
  • Build up your own followers through our brand
organic garden rose
organic garden rose


  • You have a well established social media account for at least one of our platforms
  • You maintain a premium look and feel to your content, in keeping with the Haute brand asthetic
  • You have a good volume of followers, although not essential along side other criteria

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organic garden rose

For a more information on becoming a Haute ambassador or to speak to our Haute social team, please email [email protected].

Fresh From Farms

Every single one of our stems is carefully selected from ethical and sustainable flower farms all around the world.

Responsibly Sourced

We take great care in sourcing our flowers, with the happiness of both farm workers and our environment at the forefront.

The Highest Quality & Care

Each of our fine and luxurious bouquets is arranged with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the highest quality stems.

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