You're the artisan

Using your own creative flair, here’s a few helpful tips from our artisan florists. To keep your bouquet looking fabulous.

Flower Care

1. Prep your vase

Fill two thirds of your favourite vase with tepid water, then add your flower feed. Make sure your vase is clean before you start, this helps to reduce bacteria.

2. Keep it clean

Taking each stem, remove any leaves which sit below the water line. This helps to prevent mould and keeps your water looking fresh and clear.

Flower Care
Flower Care

3. Trim Stems

Trim 2-3cm off the stems every couple of days. This will aid nourishment and keep your flowers fresh and healthy for much longer. Cut at a diagonal angle to help your stems absorb more water.

4. Arrange like a pro

You're the artisan! Using your creative prowess, arrange your flower stems one by one into a glorious arrangement.

Flower Care
Flower Care

5. Take a pic

Instagram a picture of your floral creation and tag us at @hauteflorist #hauteflorist. Follow us to see regular updates and customer bouquets.

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