Flower Tips

From novice to expert. We share with you our floristry tips and tricks for healthy, radiant, long-lasting flowers.

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Flower Care FAQ Flower Care FAQ

Flower Care 101

Here's a few simple and helpful tips from our artisan florists, to keep your bouquet looking it's best.

Flower Care

Remove any leaves or foliage that sit below the water line, this will prevent the water from becoming cloudy and keep your flowers fresh.

Bacteria can shorten the lifespan of your flowers. Keep your water crystal clear and your vase clean to reduce bacteria.

Flower Care
Flower Care

Trim 2-3cm off the stems every couple of days. This will aid nourishment and keep your flowers fresh and healthy for much longer.

Change with fresh water every 1-2 days, top up when needed. Keep that water fresh!

Flower Care
Flower Care

Your flowers don't like heating elements. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, do not place close to fires or radiators.

Fill 2/3 of your vase with water. Remember to check regularly and refresh when required.

Flower Care
Flower Care

Remove wilting flowers and guard petals from your bouquet to keep it fresh and looking fabulous.

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