Aurora Bouquet

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Aurora Bouquet

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We wanted to create a bouquet that would bring sunshine into your home embracing the warmth. Yellow Germinis come from the sunflower family and really resembles the glaring sun. This bouquet will surely lift those spirits and bring its essence of warmth to any room. This bouquet is perfect for people who might be under the weather or feeling down. It’s also a good choice to spoil someone by showing them they are your ‘sunshine’.

This Bouquet Contains:
12 x Yellow Germini
5 x Green Bell
5 x Eucalyptus
7 x Birch
3 x Tanacetum

Flower Care
This flower arrangement will look its best for 7 days. Once you receive your flower delivery, we want you to enjoy their beauty for as long as possible. Flowers prefer moderate conditions, fresh water and food. To get the most out of your bouquet, we recommend trimming the stems at an angle and adding the flower food included to some fresh vase water. Detailed care instructions are included with the flower delivery to help you keep this bouquet fresher for longer.

Seasonal Availability
We do our best to create every bouquet as per the description. If, on the rare occasion, a particular type of flower is not available, we will include a substitute that lives up to the standards of this bouquet. On extremely rare occasions a substitute may not be available. If this occurs, we will contact you directly.
natural appearance.

Our beautifully colourful, luxury bouquets are exclusively designed for Monsoon Flowers by Haute.

(Medium bouquet is shown where multiple sizes are available)

Product Ref: MSFH008

Substitution Policy

Due to seasonal availability of certain flowers from time to time, we may use a substitution.

In cases like this, we will always use the best match with the stem pictured, and it will always be of equal or higher value to the one pictured.

In the rare case that no suitable substitution exists we will make contact with you to find an alternative solution.

This product is delivered by trackable courier.

Kindly note that some non-mainland areas might require an additional working day for transit.

Adverse weather conditions can also result in delays.

Deliveries might be early during particular events. For more details, feel free to contact us, and one of our customer care agents will provide you with further details before you place your order.

  • Keep your vase clean to reduce bacteria.
  • Fill 2/3 of your vase with water.
  • Remove any leaves that sit below the water line.
  • Trim 2-3cm off the stems every couple of days.
  • Change with fresh water every 1-2 days, top up when needed.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, do not place close to fires or radiators.
  • Remove wilting flowers and guard petals from your bouquet to keep it fresh.

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